MicroAI AtomML+ Provides Agentless AI Technology
Manufacturing and Industrial Automation companies have been trying to break the 70% OEE barrier. Predictive Manufacturing paves the way to OEE scores of 85%.
Predictive Manufacturing
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New Agentless AI Technology – MicroAI AtomML+

Cloud Asset Management

New Agentless AI Technology – MicroAI AtomML+

MicroAI AtomML+™ is the latest advancement in agentless AI (artificial intelligence) technology. Building upon the Edge-native AI technology foundation provided by MicroAI AtomML, AtomML+ provides an additional layer of flexibility and capacity to operations looking for a non-agent dependent solution for smart device and machine performance optimization.


What is Agentless Asset Monitoring?

 MicroAI AtomML+ provides endpoint training and monitoring of IIoT (industrial internet of things) devices and machines without having to employ external software processes or the development of process/machine specific application code. Unlike agent-based solutions, AtomML+ provides point-in-time analysis of the performance, security, and health of devices and machines. AtomML+ provides a fully self-contained ecosystem for the embedding, training, retrieval, and processing of asset data.

Agentless asset monitoring significantly reduces the cost, time, and risk associated with legacy agent-based AI and ML solutions.


Benefits of Agentless Technology

MicroAI AtomML+ will enable operational improvements across every industry that is dependent upon maximizing the performance and security of their mission-critical assets. The impacts will be broad and deep and will include the following:

  • Centralized data management: Data produced at the individual asset or process endpoint is managed from a centralized location. This improves the speed and reliability of data insights and actionable alerts.
  • Lighter and more flexible: Agentless solutions require no external software processes and are less reliant on development of customized application code. MicroAI AtomML+ can be deployed in a wide range of IT ecosystems.
  • Less intrusive: Agentless technology is much less intrusive than agent-based solution. Fewer organizational functions are involved in the implementation process, significantly reducing cross-functional complications and improving adaption.
  • More adaptable: Agentless solutions, by design, are significantly more adaptable than legacy agent-based solutions. Customization to specific operational environments can be realized much quicker and with less business disruption.
  • Higher output: MicroAI AtomML+ incorporates the latest in Edge-native AI technology to process asset data locally. This non-cloud dependent approach increases the amount of data that can processed within a specific timeframe.
  • Improved security: Agentless AI solutions provide enhanced cyber security by: eliminating external software support systems; reducing exposure of data to peripheral functions; providing centralized monitoring of assets and processes; enabling faster identification and reaction to cyber intrusions.
  • Quicker ROI: Any investment in technology will ultimately be judged by how quickly it pays for itself. By eliminating external software requirements, minimizing implementation costs, improving adoption, and improving cyber security MicroAI AtomML + provides an exceptional ROI.


Industry Implications

The agent vs agentless debate is likely to continue into the foreseeable future. However, one thing is clear, agentless AI solutions will continue to gain momentum and will increasingly be the solution of choice for many AI and ML adopters. A small sampling of industry sectors would include:

  • Manufacturing: A lighter, and more cost-effective approach to predictive maintenance, predictive processes, and predictive asset security.
  • Automotive: MicroAI Atom+ will enable AI-driven telematic insights, cost-effective connectivity, and scalable smart automotive solutions.
  • Telecom: Agentless technology will provide a less intrusive approach to network predictive analysis, device certification automation, IoT device integration, AI-enabled network security.
  • Energy: Many energy operators need a more secure and implementation-friendly solution for the monitoring of field assets. MicroAI AtomML+ will provide operators with improved flexibility and scalability.