MicroAI Launchpad ™ Simplifies AI Program Development
Manufacturing and Industrial Automation companies have been trying to break the 70% OEE barrier. Predictive Manufacturing paves the way to OEE scores of 85%.
Predictive Manufacturing
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MicroAI Launchpad – A Complete Intelligence Ecosystem


MicroAI Launchpad – A Complete Intelligence Ecosystem

Machine and process-intensive operations need a solution that combines the enablement and training of asset-centric AI/ML algorithms, the application of AI to create intelligent workflows, and the ability to quickly synthesize and visualize data—all within a secure environment. MicroAI Launchpad ™ provides AI program developers with a solution that combines breakthrough technology with ease of deployment and reduced cost.


Taking the Complexity out of AI Development

MicroAI Launchpad is a Kubernetes-based platform that delivers AI-enabled enterprise asset management (EAM), asset performance management (APM), intelligent workflows, analytics, and visualization. The platform provides rapid development, testing, and deployment of fully customized AI/ML capabilities: Developer advantages include:

  • Next Generation SDKs: Developers can quickly access and onboard MicroAI’s AI and ML SDK libraries. No more having to conduct time-consuming searches for SDKs that may or may not meet their specific requirements.
  • Edge vs Embedded AI Flexibility: Simplified system development that leverages MCUs and MPUs that have been embedded with MicroAI™ Embedded AI algorithms. For Edge-based applications, Launchpad incorporates a full suite of next-generation Edge-native AI capabilities that bring advanced intelligence to edge-based ecosystems.
  • Simplified Integration: Integration of the various elements within an IT or OT asset ecosystem can be complex, costly, and time consuming. Launchpad removes the complexity of integrating with other ecosystem components. Integration can be processed and validated within the Launchpad platform.
  • Live Testing and Visualization: Developers can quickly test their initial designs within a controlled, real-time, environment. At-a-glance dashboards can be customized to provide visualization of system and asset data. Design iterations can be quickly implemented and validated.


An Ecosystem vs Siloed Components

Achieving IT and OT operational excellence is often impeded by asset and process management solutions that are siloed, inefficient, and operationally incompatible. Launchpad bridges these gaps by combining all elements of effective IT and OT management into a single, AI-enabled, platform. Benefits include:

  • More Efficient Data Ingestion: Seamless and secure ingestion of data from a wide variety of IT and OT devices and equipment. This can include sensors, robots, inspection machines, PLC’s, IoT field assets, routers, virtual machines, etc.
  • Enhanced Scalability: Launchpad can be deployed on multiple assets, individually and simultaneously, to enable asset-specific performance benchmarking, real-time data visualization, intelligent field service workflows, and more.
  • Intelligent Workflows: Launchpad eliminates the need for a standalone business process management (BPM) solution. Intelligent workflows provide the self-learning and self-adjustment required to keep processes finely tuned for maximum efficiency.
  • Embedded Cyber Security: Self-contained cyber-security algorithms that protect against Zero-Day cyber-attack and other malware intrusions. Zero Trust security without investment in external solutions.
  • Onboard Visualization Engine: A powerful visualization engine that enables real-time event management across individual assets within an IT/OT ecosystem. Drag and drop, customizable, dashboards can be configured to visualize real-time asset data and to trigger actionable alerts.



KPI Impacts

Launchpad provides enhanced intelligence, visibility, security, and control across a broad cross-section of mission-critical Key Performance Indicators (KPI), including:

  • Asset performance anomaly detection and response times
  • Asset maintenance frequency and efficacy
  • Asset productivity and reliability rates
  • OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) scores
  • Cyber-attack frequency, operational impact, and cost
  • Lifespans of expensive capital assets
  • AI program cost of ownership and ROI
  • Process reliability and repeatability scores


MicroAI Launchpad is solving development and business challenges by providing a fully comprehensive AI-enablement suite that shortens development time, reduces cost, minimizes risk, and provides a quicker time to market. Launchpad puts unparalleled capability and flexibility into the hands of the AI developer as well as the business process owner.