MicroAI Launchpad Simplifies the Edge-AI Development Process
Industry 4.0 initiatives continue to gain momentum across virtually every industrial and manufacturing segment.
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Bringing AI Initiatives to Life – Simplifying the Process

AI Initiatives

Bringing AI Initiatives to Life – Simplifying the Process

If you poll the developer community and ask for a list of their current challenges, most will include Artificial Intelligence (AI) program development time as a common hurdle. Developers tasked with the development of new AI initiatives are often faced with cumbersome enablement processes that are costly and time consuming. In many cases, the development, validation, and release of an AI initiative can take several months. This prolonged development time can create loss of momentum and loss of potential competitive advantage.

AI program developers need a fresh, more user-friendly, approach to AI enablement. They need a comprehensive—one stop—platform that provides all the components necessary to bring an AI initiative to life. They need a platform that reduces the overall development time from months to weeks or days.


MicroAI Launchpad™ – Simplified Edge-native AI Development

With the objective of providing the developer community with a next-generation AI development tool, MicroAI™ has created MicroAI Launchpad. Launchpad provides developers with a feature-rich platform to design, test, and deploy AI-enabled microcontrollers (MCUs) onto smart devices and machines.

Launchpad removes much of the complexity, redundant activity, time, and cost associated with legacy approaches to AI enablement. Key features of Launchpad include the following:

  • Simple SDK access: Developers can quickly access and onboard MicroAI’s AI and ML software libraries. No more having to conduct time-consuming searches for SDKs that may or may not meet their requirements.
  • Develop Edge-AI ecosystems: Simplified system development that leverages MCUs and MPUs that have been embedded with MicroAI™ Edge-native software. Removes much of the time, complexity, and cost from system development.
  • Live testing and iteration: Developers can easily test their initial designs within a controlled, real-time, environment. Design iterations can be quickly implemented and validated.
  • Seamless integration: MicroAI Launchpad removes the complexity of integrating with other ecosystem components. Integration can be processed and validated within the Launchpad platform.
  • Complete system testing and launch: Birds-eye view testing of the entire Edge-AI ecosystem in preparation for deployment. Eliminates the problem of siloed testing.


AI Initiatives

Supported by Award-Winning Edge-native AI Technologies

There are several very basic SDK search and find tools on the market today. MicroAI Launchpad is not one of those. Launchpad is a complete Edge-native AI platform that is supported by MicroAI’s next generation technologies. Those include:

  • MicroAI AtomML(TM): The very latest in Edge-native Ai technology, AtomML lives and trains right on the MCU or MPU of the connected asset. A powerful asset for developers wanting to develop Edge-AI capabilities.
  • MicroAI Insight(TM): An Endpoint-AI analytics suite that provides dashboard visualization of connect asset health scores, predictive maintenance insights, and cyber-security status


A Developer-Friendly Platform

MicroAI Launchpad makes it easy for a developer to get started. The onboarding process is quick, simple, and intuitive. A user-friendly process that consists of a few basic steps within a single pane of glass.

  • Account creation and activation: Quickly create and activate an account on the MicroAI™ cloud.
  • Profiling of device(s): The developer profiles the performance parameters of his/her devices or machines.
  • Device/machine connection: Easily connect targeted devices or machines via LTE, Bluetooth, WiFi, LoRa, etc.
  • Integrate MicroAI AtomML: Activate AtomML on specified assets and connect with MicroAI client.
  • Activate and visualize: Customize asset-specific dashboards, create intelligent workflow-driven event and notifications using MicroAI Insight.


MicroAI Launchpad is changing the Edge-AI development landscape by significantly reducing development time and complexity. Organizations can now convert their AI visions into reality within a single platform that provides the very latest in Edge-native AI enablement capabilities.

By significantly reducing development time, Launchpad allows developers to deploy Edge-AI solutions within a time frame that maximizes competitive and operational advantage.